Greg Svoboda
The Software Guild is an intensive, accelerated apprenticeship program that employs a highly immersive learning environment where apprentices develop the essential programming foundations required to enter the market as successful junior software developers. Apprentices are instructed and mentored for over 750 hours by senior level developers who have worked in the field for at least 15 years. The Guild utilizes face-to-face lectures, hands-on experience, and paired-programming labs so that driven, hard-working, enthusiastic individuals can cultivate their love for coding and embark on a life-long journey to fine-tune the craft. The graduates leave as successful developers with hands-on, full-stack experience.

Coding frameworks, technologies, and design methodologies of the Java apprentice include:

  • Design, write, and ship programs independently and as part of a programming pair using Java EE language fundamentals, class modeling, exception handling, unit testing, n-tier application structure, and lambdas (Java 8), builds with Maven.
  • Modern web development fundamentals – Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Junit, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Json, RESTful interfaces, Ajax, Bootstrap. All within a test-driven environment.
  • Software project management – Wire-framing, UML, program and user flows, user stories, work estimation, and iterative development cycles in the spirit of Agile/Scrum.
  • Database fundamentals: MySQL, SQL Query Writing, Table Creation, Spring JDBC, Hibernate

Greg is an extremely hard-working software developer. He works extremely well in groups and is a clear communicator. Greg and I worked together on a number of projects and his insights and questions taught me a lot as we completed our work.

David Egbert

Everyone loves Greg. In a high-stress environment Greg alleviates tension by cracking a self-deprecating joke or bringing up a topic which engages everyone, clears stress, and lets us get back in the game. He’s a great mentor, especially in tough topics such as Java or Spring MVC.

Anthony Olivieri

I love creating new things.

Be it a small business that’s now the #1 business of its type in the Greater Cleveland area, or building, I love creating something out of nothing. That’s why I like software development. I’m privileged to meet needs with nothing but the team around me, and the keyboard in front of me.

Let's create something together!

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